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Best sugar free ice cream EVER!!

We used our normal sugar free vanilla ice cream recipe (which is like the best sugar free ice cream recipe in the world!) and then added…wait for it…



OK. Seriously… My dad who always only likes vanilla ice cream (with a passion), said this was EVEN BETTER than vanilla. Say whaaat?! And my mom said it was the best ice cream she’d ever tasted…OK, enough bragging, haha, let’s get to the recipe! 😉

We used our normal sugar free vanilla ice cream recipe (which is like the best sugar free ice cream recipe in the world!) and then added…wait for it…cardamom and licorice powder!! If you don’t like licorice at all you can skip it since cardamom ice cream is heavenly by itself, but the combination of vanilla, cardamom, and licorice in this ice cream was BEYOND AMAZING, so I dare you to try it!

We always sweeten our ice cream with xylitol and real undiluted stevia extract. You can sweeten only with xylitol if you’d like, but we choose the combo of both xylitol and stevia extract because they work together to create a perfect sweetness, without any sugar! I’ve provided you with both options in the recipe.

(Disclaimer about measurements: If you’re in the States where metric measurements are not common, then use google to convert the measurements for you. That’s what I always have to do when I use American recipes. A tip is to buy a set of measuring cups that also show ml.)

3 egg yolks
300 ml cream
200 ml milk
50 ml xylitol and a pinch of stevia extract
OR 75 ml of xylitol
½ tsp Bourbon vanilla powder (or 1 tsp vanilla extract)
1 tsp cardamom powder
1 tsp licorice root powder

How to:
1. Pour milk, xylitol (or xylitol & stevia extract), egg yolks, cardamom, licorice, and vanilla into a pot. Whisk while heating up the mixture for approx 5 min on medium temperature. The mixture should thicken like a curd but is not allowed to come to a boil!

2. Take the pot away from the heat and put in a cold water bath to cool. Stir occasionally so the mixture doesn’t start to clump.

3. Pour the heavy cream into the cooled mixture and stir.

4. Pour the mixture into your ice cream maker and follow the instructions for the specific ice cream machine you have.

5. Put the ice cream into a bowl and either serve right away or store in freezer for a few hours before serving. If the ice cream has been in the freezer over night it needs to sit for about 10-15 min in room temperature before serving.

Enjoy!! 🙂

Emelie Kamp is an entrepreneur, licensed nutritional counselor, wellness coach, green living coach, author of The Sugar Story, creator of the Dark Chocolate Diet and health industry consultant - working towards transforming the way we feel and the way we see ourselves. Be encouraged, be empowered, live your purpose.

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