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Real Food Basics

What to Do with Celery Root – Real Food Basics



Celery Root

Celery root is another fun root vegetable that a lot of people have never tried, simply because it may look a bit intimidating at the grocery store! And while it’s definitely not the prettiest of vegetables, remember it’s the inside that counts, right?! 😉

Celery root has a fun flavor that combines really well with other root vegetables in stews, mashes, and baked in the oven. It’s really easy to “get stuck” using the same root vegetables while cooking (carrots, sweet potatoes/yams, maybe red beets), but hopefully you’ve been inspired enough so far through this Real Food Basics series to mix it up in the kitchen with some Jerusalem artichokes, celery root, and rutabaga! 🙂

Usually celery root is sold without the celery stalks attached to it, so you’re just going to find ugly kind of round root looking things in the grocery aisle, with smaller roots growing out of it (see picture above). Once you get home to cook with celery root you always peel it (using a potato peeler and knife) before you cook with it, so don’t worry about if the outside looks ugly and intimidating in the store! 🙂

What to make with celery root:

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Real Food Basics

What to Do with Eggplant – Real Food Basics




Eggplant, or aubergine as it’s called in most of the world, is one of few fruits that you should never eat raw (yes it’s actually a fruit, not a vegetable!). Because of it’s unique skin, eggplant is one produce that is not as important to buy organic.

Eggplant is often called “poor man’s meat” because when cooked well it has a little similar taste to meat. My favorite meat & eggplant combination is ground meat and cubed eggplant, fried together with chopped onion in coconut oil. Add some salt, pepper and a bit of cinnamon (sounds weird but it’s really good!). You can also add some cayenne pepper. Serve this dish together with cauliflower rice or add some cooked beans and eat it with a spoon. The most important thing i that you try eggplant with ground meat, because it’s really good!! 🙂

What to make with eggplant:

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