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On-Demand CTO

On-Demand CTO

Empowered in your purpose through technology, leadership & coaching.

Today’s world is changing. Your vision and purpose will either be empowered by it or limited in it. Are you looking into the future and setting a course, or are you being pushed around by change and the limitations of your own technology?

do you need an On-Demand CTO?

To some, technology is their ceiling. Others make that same ceiling their floor. Is technology holding you down or lifting you up?

Web and cloud channels are becoming more mission critical to your business. Sales, marketing, customer support, collaboration all moving to web and cloud services and being integrated with your own online presence. You need technical leadership that not only helps you make the right strategic choices, but to help your team adapt and thrive.

A chief technology officer (CTO) is your technology leadership. They:

  • Give the board and CEO confidence in the web/technology strategic direction of the company.
  • Simplify the complexity of technology into a vision and goals that everyone can get behind.
  • Offer individual focused technical leadership – simplify and solve.
  • Explore what role web & technology play in the vision of your organization.
  • Help leadership understand what paths are open and the risks/rewards that lie on each path.

As the cross-over of business and technology continues to deepen, technology can rule you or be your tool.

What an On-Demand CTO can help you avoid:

Building technology or using a service just because it is popular and new.
Everything comes back to what is best for the individual user. Solving their problems and adding value to their life.

Business Decisions being made by the IT leadership.
As IT grows in importance it becomes easy for their tech decisions to control the course of the business. Or better said, tech decisions at the cost of the strategic goals of the business. To often the needs of the individual consumer are ignored in pursuing bleeding edge technology.

Why on-demand CTO?

Because not all businesses need a full-time CTO. A period of 3-6 months is usually plenty to realign the technology strategy to the goals and vision of the organization.


For companies that are looking to support and develop their technology leadership – see the Executive Coaching Services.