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Health & Wellness Services / Consulting

Worth it Living Consulting & Services

Promoting Health & Wellness.

Natural Product & Health Industy Consulting

Natural products and services industry consulting and services. Services include branding, import/export, regulations, web consulting, business consulting, and more.
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Health seminars & events

Seminars about sugar, stress management, healthy eating, healthy living, and natural beauty, among other topics. Do you want Emelie Kamp to come and speak at your event or seminar?
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Corporate Wellness Coaching

Having a healthy team is crucial to running a healthy business. Wellness coaching helps you make your workplace healthier for your employees. Healthier employees means both less sick leave, more efficient work time, and better work relationships.
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Customized Health Programs

Emelie Kamp can create customized health programs for you or your business/organization.
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