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JV Partnerships

Worth it Living exists to empower your tribe in their purpose. To empower their body with wellness, their mind with identity, and their purpose through entrepreneurship.

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Be Empowered in Wellness

  • Dark Chocolate Diet

    The heart of the Dark Chocolate Diet is hope. Restrictive dieting leads to shame, disappointment, and in the long-term, decreased metabolism as the body slows to compensate for fewer calories. The Dark Chocolate Diet uses sugar-free dark chocolate as a tool together with low GI foods to build a lasting lifestyle of wellness – your body at its best, in every way. Learn More

  • Healthy Vacation Club

    Are you as tired as I am of not having a healthy place to stay during your vacation? Chlorine bleach & toxic cleaners, chlorinated & fluoridated water, mold & mildew, EMFs, VOCs, and other toxins. A vacation is supposed to make you healthier, not more sick! Learn More

  • The Sugar Story

    An easy-to-understand story about the purpose of sugar in nature and why too much sugar is bad for your body. The Sugar Story is a colorful and flavorful adventure that helps children understand what sugar is and learn about sugar’s job in nature. Learn More

Be Empowered in Entrepreneurship

  • Must Simplify

    How to Stop the Overwhelm of Technology & Marketing (and Start Growing Your Business Your Way). Books, Courses & Services to Simplify Your Online.
    Learn More

  • Purpose Accelerator

    A Single Membership That Empowers You with Digital Advisory, CTO Leadership, Mastermind-Level Networking, Partnerships & Powerful Software. Learn More

More Programs & Courses Coming Soon…

Mental Assault® Mental Coaching Program by Michael D. Castrilli, licensed mental health counselor.

Unnamed Sugar Addiction Program by Emelie Kamp