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Mental Training & Coaching with Michael Castrilli

Mental training and coaching for high performance athletes and business professionals.




Michael Castrilli

Michael D. Castrilli is a licensed mental health counselor, certified addiction professional, certified sports nutritionist, and certified drug and alcohol counselor with the State of Florida. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a Master’s Degree in Health and Behavioral Science at the University of Florida.

Mental Training for Athletic Performance

Michael uses his own experiences as a high school and college athlete to help other athletes overcome mental blocks that prevent them from achieving their highest performance potential. Michael has worked with professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, MiLB, Olympic Team USA, the WWE, and Ironman. He has also worked with college athletes throughout the SEC and ACC. Michael works with high school level athletes throughout the State of Florida. He has helped athletes who participated in the following sports: Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Golf, Football, Tennis, Gymnastics, Triathlon, Rowing, Lacrosse, Track, Soccer, Swimming, Wrestling, Volleyball, Hockey, & Weightlifting.

Michael has the ability to connect with athletes by creating a non-judgmental, safe and encouraging environment. He specializes in sports performance optimization, addictions and anxiety. Athletes will have the opportunity to improve relationships that are causing stress or distractions through coaching with Michael. His strength is his ability to help athletes lay a foundation of mental toughness that lasts and propels them to the next level. He challenges athletes not to settle for just feeling better, but to remove obstacles that block their success!

Mental Coaching for Business Performance

Michael uses his own experience as a business owner over the past 7 years to assist business professionals with negative thinking that has kept them mentally exhausted to the point of losing momentum, vision, and creativity. He created the mental assault business performance program to teach the mental skills that promote success in the business world.

Michael has worked with executives in the theme park, real estate, construction, banking, computer science, and engineering industries. He has helped small and medium-sized businesses with employee morale, setting healthy boundaries to promote increased production, and taught healthy mental training skills to combat performance anxiety, stress, and prevent burnout.

The mental skills he teaches are those that can be utilized in all spheres of life to improve processing, changing of perspective, organization, mental clarity, and mental toughness.

Michael has the ability to connect with business professionals by creating a non-judgmental, safe and encouraging environment. His strength is his ability to assist business professionals in laying a foundation of mental toughness that lasts and propels them to the next level. He challenges everyone not to settle for just feeling better, but to remove obstacles that block their success!

Hi, I’m Benjamin Kamp, and my passion is to see you fully live and thrive in your purpose. As co-founder of Worth it Living I create programs to empower you in finding and building your dream. That means mixing my expertise in web marketing & technology as well as executive coaching, to see individuals and businesses thrive in their purpose.

I would like to invite you to explore our Programs & Coaching page to learn more about the resources we’ve designed to empower you in a life more worth it! You’ll find tools to empower your body, your mind, your purpose, and the vehicle of that purpose - your business, brand, or organization.

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Ask a Health Coach

Who are You?

Eleanor Mariano



Everyone has a story. Our stories are what color in the details of who we are and how we show up to the world around us, and how we engage with it/them: relationships, jobs, schools, etc. We were all intentionally and intelligently designed to be unique individuals.  When we discover who we are, where we came from, and what we were designed for in this lifetime, we find the freedom in seeing ourselves in our truest identity.  It is in this freedom, our personal story can be expressed organically and experienced by others.

The messages of our stories are often communicated and translated through the ways we impact and interact with the people we are privileged to have in our lives— whether for a short while, or for a lifetime. When we discover who we are and the purpose we were uniquely designed to fulfill, we begin to not only value ourselves, we also begin to value others around us at the same capacity of which we value ourselves. Our intentions, interactions, and impact become more authentic, vulnerable, and hold a greater potential to add life changing value to the lives we are privileged to be a part of.

So how do we begin to discover who we are at our core and what we were designed to live for? Awareness is the first step. Taking an inventory of our character, our morals, our values, our tendencies, patterns, feelings, passions, attitudes, relationships can be key to self discovery. These are the fruit from seeds that have been planted in the soil of our young minds from the moment we were even conceived– unconsciously. Taking a brave trip down memory lane to take a good look at where we’ve historically come from, is another key factor to self discovery. These impactful experiences, whether big or small, manifest in our idiosyncrasies. Some of which would be ideal to change, because we and others around us, deserve them to be changed.

We as humans will inevitably share similarities. The genetic and neurological composition of our individual beings however, are uniquely different. When we take a good look at who we are at our core there is a lot to discover about how intentionally and intelligently we were uniquely designed to be, and the life we were destined to uniquely live; serving the world around us at different capacities and various ways.

Here are some questions to ask yourself…
1. Who are you?
2. Where did you come from?
3. What were your designed for here on earth?
4. How were you created to impact the world around you?
5. What does your unique design have, to solve a problem that exists in the community that surrounds your life?
6. When are you going to venture out into a courageous journey of fully living at your greatest potential and impacting at your optimal?
7. What or who do you need in your life, to make this happen? (I call this, resourcing up!)

Sometimes, we need someone in our corner coming alongside us through the journey of self discovery. For those interested in discovering their truest identity and the possibility of unlocking their greatest potential, connect with me! I’d be happy to be a part of that journey and see you thrive as the best version of yourself!

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