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Must Simplify – Business Minimalism for Doing Work That Matters

Must Simplify

A minimalistic strategy for your business and web presence,
to simplify your life and help you focus on the things that matter.

I remember when I was starting with web design and programming – so excited by the technology and possibilities!
I loved pushing my limits, helping clients solve complex problems with cutting edge technology.
But all too often my solutions were never fully implemented – who has time for that?
What I didn’t know was how to TRULY help my clients.

Now, I want to take the opportunity to help you understand WHAT and IF technology will simplify your business.

Must Simplify Course & Coaching

I know you have all these voices telling you to do this or that. What’s hard is helping you find the answer that’s right for you and your business. Not an answer of, “what I did”, but what you need. “Must Simplify” helps you clearly see what the different options (CMS, Adwords, Facebook, …) actually mean for you and your business. It will help you work through the same process I use when I advise or coach my clients and present you with the right questions to come to the right answer.

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