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I don’t build websites anymore… I save you time & money by helping you avoid what you don’t need. I’m here to understand your vision and help you avoid all of the time draining web “promotion” that simply doesn’t matter. Instead, I deliver vision focused clarity to help you and your business best utilize the web, to get you where you are supposed to be.
Ben Kamp

Why do you need a web advisor?

Right now, you don’t need a web designer…

Years ago I had a project where I was responsible for creating websites for about 100 health practitioners. The websites were fantastic – full-featured, fast, and optimized. The practitioners were even taught how to grow and promote their website and given some easy tools to do this.

A few years later I got to follow up on the project and was chocked with the result. Only a handful of these clients had actually grown their business through their website. The vast majority never did anything with their website at all.

This is a recurring problem. A few years after that I began consulting for multiple web agencies and was seeing the same pattern across non-profit organizations, governmental organizations and business of all sizes in multiple different countries.

The consistent problem isn’t access to someone who can build a website, setup AdWords or manage social media. Everyone is selling a solution. The real need is someone who will understand your vision and help you form a strategy and avoid what isn’t relevant to you.

Do you even need a website?
Do you need social media?
Do you need SEO?

I want to tell you what you can do with your website and online brand right now. Not sell you on a new website.

I see too many organizations try to solve their web problems by paying a new company to rebuild their website or take over their SEO and AdWords. Often replacing a website that had all the functionality they needed.

Increasing sales doesn’t come from a new site, but from working on your sales funnel. You increase sales by understanding and testing each step your customer goes through to find the questions and concerns your customers are having, and then doing something about that. You increase sales by connecting with people.

I see a need. 100% pure advice, no web services offered. I’ll ask you some questions to understand first your business and vision and secondly your web brand (website, social media, web strategy). Then you get a simplified report telling you exactly what is going to add value to your business and what would be a waste of your time and resources.

I know that I can deliver a positive return on your investment.

  1. Save you thousands, not only in helping you understand what not to invest in, but also helping you understand how your current website can start doing its job and reduce your work load.
  2. By optimizing your sales funnel (you have one even if you don’t know what it is) we regularly see 10-30% increases in conversions (visitors becoming customers).
  3. Better serve your customers by opening and automating communication in a way that adds value to both you and your customer.
  4. Simplify, optimize and automate processes with better tools, code, and best practices.

What have other clients seen from web advisory?

Increased sales by over 300% on a health product web shop after advising on a single-page checkout with an easier payment provider.

“We had to pause AdWords while we hired new employees” – after advising on geographic targeting on both their website and AdWords. – Household Services, Stockholm

Reduced costs for an adventure book publishing firm by helping them correctly calculate tax on shipping.


Let’s work together to solve problems and grow your business online.