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Have you been recommended as a Worth it Living Wellness Partner? Congratulations! What you are doing is worth it and we’re cheering for you!

We want to be a part of growing your impact on the health and lives of others.

You have an amazing product; you’re changing lives. You’ve honored the struggle and are at another tipping point of growth and change. This time you don’t have to do it alone – the learning curve, the time, complexity, headaches.

We’ve been there. We were already experts in web/tech/media (more on that later), but the struggle is real. To not spoil the story below, we started “Wellness Partner” because we can have a greater impact on the health and lives of individuals by empowering you.

We have the knowledge, we have the tools, we have the team…

The only part missing is you!

Yes, this is really us! Promoting one of the earlier products we brought into Sweden in a colaboration with Total Sweet UK.

Exactly what you need, when you need it.

This one’s not us 😉
(Thank you Adobe Stock)

I don’t think we meant to start a health business. I was busy consulting for multiple web and advertising agencies. Emelie was consulting for several magazines and non-profits.

The problem – we had moved to Stockholm, Sweden, and every trip to the US meant filling suitcases with products we couldn’t get in Sweden.

Before we knew it we had several web shops, a store, gym, and cafe. We were importing, exporting, and distributing products, as well as consulting for others on everything from branding and PR to product formulation and sourcing.

Now that we’ve moved back to the States, we realize that we can have a bigger impact by helping you to do what you do, bigger and better – to grow, simplify, and connect.

When we moved back to the US we realized that we had an opportunity to create exactly what we needed when we were just starting off as a wellness company.

To not just be “consultants”, but to be your partner – and one with overlapping passions and goals. We’re able to look at your business, customers, and products with a deeper understanding. We identify pain-points, complexity and new opportunities.

But it’s more than the experience we have and it’s more than shared passions. It’s also the team we’ve brought together to make things happen.

Emelie has run multiple companies and non-profits – at the same time. She is unstoppable at making things happen – developing products, importing and exporting, sourcing ingredients, connecting with influencers, publishing, coordinating events, running housing developments – usually at the same time.

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Ben is a master at simplifying the complex, a core value he uses in working with leadership and digital strategy. Beginning his career as a programmer and web developer he quickly transitioned to a top-level consultant for web agencies on three continents. He is passionate about wellness and integrates this into his work with the performance and longevity of leaders and businesses.

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Sofia has been working with us since 2013 – She has been our rock and is behind the design on our products, web shop, store, gym, cafe, magazines, print… basically everything. She is the best of the best and we’re so glad she’s on the US side of the pond now as well!

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Mike is a ninja at capturing your brand, story, and heart in short videos that engage your audience and capture their hearts. He is a storyteller with a camera and that is a rare and powerful combination that connects you with your customers on a much deeper level.

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Sofia does the hard work of drawing out all the elements of your purpose and story into a package that communicates you in digital and print world. If you’re in need of branding then you’ll really enjoy getting to walk through that journey with Sofia’s contagious positivity and joy. Branding is not an easy journey – but it’s worth it and Sofia is the best person to take on that journey.

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We hope to soon introduce you to Mike & Marla who are rock stars in leadership, mental performance, and relationships. Jim, who is our financial consultant. Julian, who produces amazing Documentaries. As well as Steve, Irene, and Isaac.

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Wellness Partnership vs Consulting

“Consulting” would not be giving you enough. our Wellness Partnership is the best of a consultant group, plus the best of an employee, plus the best of a trade association –without the downsides.

Wellness Partnership vs Consultants

We’re not looking for high-cost one-off jobs, we’re looking for partners to change the world with – give people access to healthier and more sustainable options. We’re here to help you scale. To not just build a brand/market/web/product/strategy, but to grow it together with you.

We only work with companies that have the same values as ourselves, so we’re not just working a job. We’re pursuing a passion together with you.

Wellness Partnership vs Employees

We understand the risk, investment, and commitments involved in bringing on new employees. It’s not just the 60k salary, but an extra 1.4 times that for taxes and benefits, 1.2 times that for training, the costs of office space, equipment, vacation, sick days, sick leaves. It’s not always a bad thing, but for a smaller cost and less risk we can partner our team with your team and give you access to fully trained experts in their respective fields. This ain’t our first rodeo!

Wellness Partnership vs Trade Associations

Join trade associations, they are great! But, we are giving you access to our network and influencers, access to over $3,000 per month of tools and software, access to partner deals and offers. The best part – we do the work for you.

Our packages

We have 5 different packages that we customize to your business needs.

Startup Partner

We love startups and we both understand and honor the struggle. We offer both scholarships as well as investment partnerships to empower you to change the world without putting up roadblocks.

Bronze Partner (Advisory)

Like a high-performance athlete we hook a bunch of tools to your website, business, and customers. We actively help you identify problems (risks/costs), simplify (fewer man hours), and grow in new markets. You get access to over $3,000 in tools, experts, strategic consulting, and an empowered network – all starting at just $2,000 per month.

Silver Partner (Accelerator)

Silver level includes everything in Bronze, but is for companies needing more than advisory. At the silver level we directly help you make things happen. Take charge of projects and make sure that the important things are taken care of. You get a value equivalent to multiple employees and consultants, but at a much lower cost and risk – starting at $5,000 per month.

Gold Partner (Leadership)

Includes everything in the Bronze and Silver packages. Gold is the most flexible package custom tailored to fit your business. Gold expands its focus to your team in leadership, performance, and longevity – making them the best they can be. Gold can also include on-demand c-level services (On-demand CTO/CMT/COO/CFO). All starting at $10,000 per month.

Europe – USA Partnership

For businesses looking to expand into the USA. We understand the importance of a brand and what you have sacrificed to build yours. We do something that is a bit unique. We start and run a virtual business in the US as a service; honoring and building on your brand and heart. You are empowered to grow your business and test the market without the high level of risk/investment nor losing control of your brand. We build with the intention of paving the way for you to setup your own branch in the US and making that transition seamless.

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