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About Worth it Living // The Manifesto

Worth it Living is a platform for world changers.

Our goal is to active individuals and organizations to creatively change their world.

Worth it Living partners and consults with organizations and individuals to take hold of a dream and impact the world.

Foundations of Worth it Living

Upgraded living – people taking hold of their dream, purpose, vision. Facing fears and doubts and finding our voice. Standing up with enough love for ourselves and thankfulness to the world that we invest in our dreams and the one life and body we are given. Loving, fearless, thankful people that unashamedly don’t have all the answers, but continue to search after truth.

We believe…

– in the value and potential of each person.
– in freedom and transparency.
– in marketing and news that doesn’t sell fear.
– in your courage and potential.
– in leadership that doesn’t control, but empowers.
– that we all lose for each individual that by fear or limitation does not gift the world with their unique creativity and passion.

And we believe that you are made for greatness, born with purpose… to defend, protect, give hope. Not to sit idly by and wait for somebody else to stand up. So be courageous because good does win over evil, hope over despair and life over death.

Your Manifesto

I realize that I am unique. I look at the world with unique eyes and I may be the only one with the key to your lock. I realize that my art is a gift to the world. That my voice is singular, but I embrace those around me as we speak out together. I realize that my body is unique, from my fingerprint, down to my DNA, and that I am worth taking care of. Healthy food will fuel my creativity and drive. I have purpose. I have value.

I purpose to discover my full potential. To embrace my passions. To develop my abilities. I will learn to be fearless, understanding that if by fear I do not gift the world with my unique creativity and passion; we all suffer loss.

I will impact my world. I am more than a social media profile, more than a singular voice. I refuse to think about the opinions of others, but instead dwell on how I can make a difference. I believe in the value and potential of each individual.



Worth it Living is currently managed and run by Ben Kamp, Emelie Kamp, the team, partners, and EB Web Services Inc. / BISVI.

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