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Beneath the Layers

Eleanor Mariano



In the beginning of the journey of work clients and I venture on, the surface issues and discussions are initially “just surface.”

In fitness, when there’s a movement a client cannot perform after much practice and polishing, the first thought is that they just can’t do it.  Soon enough, we discover their central nervous system has protected their body from moving in that specific manner, because there is a limiting belief and limiting decision their central nervous system and their unconscious mind have a greed upon. And it has defined itself as “safety.”

When clients want to lose weight, we later on discover the emotional un-resolve rooted in eating patterns inhibiting them from their success of doing so. Sometimes, more often than others, there’s systematic problems inhibiting digestion promoting bloating, infections wreaking havoc, and the list goes on.

Mental blocks become obvious as we begin to peel away the layers. We eventually become acquainted that the behavioral “issues” desired to be changed, are very obvious physical symptoms or manifestations breeding beneath deeper layers.

There’s a lot of “stuff” we stuff. That “stuff” will introduce itself to you and the world around you, eventually. Self preservation can feel “safe” and comfortable. But it is unsustainable. Eventually the totality of us, will beg to be resolved. Lean in listen and learn. Eventually you will heal.

“We will project that which is unconscious in the most obvious of ways in order to become consciously aware which is most unconscious so we can gain the learning necessary to get results.”- Nathan Rossi


Eleanor Mariano is the strongest single mom of four you'll meet - heart, mind, and body. She's a fighter, as in MMA & Muay Thai kickboxing. Her life, her story, is to rise. As a life coach Eleanor will be your catalyst to rise. To rise from whatever your life looks like right now. To rise in body, in mind, and in spirit. Eleanor is the real deal.

"Eleanor is one of the most powerful people I met in 2018. The total time I've spent in her presence is probably less than 50 hours, but her positive impact on my life is immeasurable. I get to grow as a person by being around leaders like her and so glad she's in my corner." - Reynaldo

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