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You Are Worth It – Your Manifesto

I look at the world with unique eyes, my voice is singular, but I embrace those around me as we speak out together…

Your Manifesto

“I realize that I am unique. I look at the world with unique eyes and I may be the only one with the key to your lock. I realize that my art is a gift to the world. That my voice is singular, but I embrace those around me as we speak out together. I realize that my body is unique, from my fingerprint, down to my DNA, and that I am worth taking care of. Healthy food will fuel my creativity and drive. I have purpose. I have value.

I purpose to discover my full potential. To embrace my passions. To develop my abilities. I will learn to be fearless, understanding that if by fear I do not gift the world with my unique creativity and passion; we all suffer loss.

I will impact my world. I am more than a social media profile, more than a singular voice. I refuse to think about the opinions of others, but instead dwell on how I can make a difference. I believe in the value and potential of each individual. Therefore, I will empower myself and empower those around me.

We are worth it.”


You have value and purpose – but we want to give you more than words – “You Are Worth It.” We want to holistically empower you to see yourself for the wonder that you are.

Let’s kick the lies and grab hold of the truth.

Pursue your purpose.

Be fearless.

Lovingly take care of the one body you were given.

The world needs you.

Benjamin Kamp's passion is to see you fully live and thrive in your purpose. As co-founder of Worth it Living, he wants to empower you in finding and building your dream. That means mixing his expertise in web marketing & technology as well as executive coaching, to see individuals and businesses thrive in their purpose.

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Never Let Technology Keep You from Your Dream!

Technology Dream

I’m passionate about Dreams. Every creative vision, every work of art, every business idea never brought to life is a loss for all of us. I’ve heard it said, the richest place on earth is the graveyard. Because buried in one are a multitude of world-changing ideas, songs, art, movies, and businesses never realized. Creative visions never shared which passed away too soon. 

What is the dream you are holding on the inside, and what is preventing you from pursuing it? My heart and passion is to see your dream released into the world. For too many, it’s the overwhelm of the digital world. We feel like we have to compete online, jump into the web of websites, social media, and digital marketing.  

Are you holding back your dream because delivering it to the world would require you to deal with technology and the digital world? I get it. There’re thousands of platforms and tools. Social media, websites, SEO, advertising, and the list goes on. All this noise and experts telling you to do x, y, z and a, b, c. It’s overwhelming. It’s confusing. You might have even tried to get online and invested thousands of dollars in your web presence only to be left with a tool you don’t understand and never helped you grow your business.

It’s time to simplify the digital world. It was made to serve your purposes and to build your dream, not to steal from it.

I want to share with you what I believe is the key to simplifying, understanding, and using technology to further your cause. Connecting with people. More specifically, one person – your perfect ideal customer – that you are building everything for.

Here’s the reality. You shouldn’t be looking at technology. Your job is to study your person. To understand how you can best take care of your person, where your person is, and how you want to connect with your person. It’s that simple. A person connecting with another person. You don’t need the “10 best growth hacks” or “secret formula.” You simply need to know where your person is and then go where they are and connect with them the way you want to.

Is your person on Facebook? Is that a place you want to be? Do you want to have a discussion with your person there? Then figure out how you can do that in a way that aligns with who you are and the culture you want to create in your business. You don’t have to commit to creating content and posting on Facebook every day. You could just as easily connect with your person by running ads. Bring them to the place you want to have the conversation (your blog, YouTube, an email, a telephone conversation). Or you could do the same by partnering with those who already are creating the content on Facebook.

The bottom line is this. There is no reason to be intimidated by technology. Technology isn’t important. People are. Spend your time focusing on your person and then let technology help you do that better.

Here at Worth it Living, my person is a world changer, like you, and I am focused on doing everything I can to empower you to live your purpose.

Don’t hold back, the world is waiting for what you have!

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