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Why a Healthy Home?

Healthy Homes Bring the Best of Nature Back Into the Home.



Healthy Home

“Having Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disease, has made my body more sensitive to chemicals and molds. I’ve realized how much need there is and know we can do something about it.” – Emelie Kamp

What are Healthy Homes?

Healthy Homes Bring the Best of Nature Back Into the Home.

The easiest way to tell you about healthy homes is to break it down into the basic elements…


According to the EPA, the air inside our homes is two to five times more toxic than the air outdoors. Not in our homes. We believe it’s important to remove mold spores, toxins, break down VOCs, and balance the humidity.


If you have a thyroid problem, like me, then you’re even more affected by chlorine in water. We believe it is important to filter all the water coming into the house and then re-filter the drinking water – making it similar to the healthiest water sources on earth.

Earth & Electricity

When it comes to frequencies, grounding, and EMFs, there is enough evidence to say that we need to pay attention. We believe it’s important to minimize EMFs and ground both you and the house as much as possible.

How You Can Have a Healthy Home

While the move toward greener sustainable houses is booming, the move towards healthier homes is just beginning. It’s a challenge, requiring a deep understanding of both health and homes, but we have a pretty extraordinary team that can help you do just that!

What we look at:

  • Clean air & water with double-filtered drinking water
  • Furniture without flame retardants and other toxins
  • Plastic free kitchen
  • Natural beds with organic cotton or linen sheets
  • Non-toxic products

Emelie is a Wellness Coach, Green Living Coach, and Licensed Nutritional Counselor. She has also managed the development of multiple single-family and multi-family homes.


Emelie Kamp is an entrepreneur, licensed nutritional counselor, wellness coach, green living coach, author of The Sugar Story, creator of the Dark Chocolate Diet and health industry consultant - working towards transforming the way we feel and the way we see ourselves. Be encouraged, be empowered, live your purpose.

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