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Organic, Sustainable, Non-Toxic Vacation Homes!

Healthy Vacation Club is an alternative to other vacation properties and the bleach, toxic cleaners, chlorinated and fluoridated water, mold, EMFs, VOCs, and other toxins that often come with them.



Healthy Vacation Club

We’ve been hinting at this, but now it’s almost here!

The Healthy Vacation Club now has its own website and we’re starting to get pre-booking and information requests.

We’re on course to get our first homes built 2019 in Orlando. It’s a big step and we’re really thankful to all our partners that have been helping us make this happen.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Emelie Kamp, co-founder and green living coach. In 2014 we began a journey to showcase a lifestyle of wellness with our first wellness center and now I’m thrilled to announce the Healthy Vacation Club. It’s organic, non-toxic, sustainable vacationing at it’s best and it’s an amazing experience.

It all started because I was so sick and tired of not having a healthy place to stay during both vacations and business travel? Chlorine bleach & toxic cleaners, chlorinated & fluoridated water, mold & mildew, EMFs, VOCs, and other toxins – it totally ruins a vacation, not to mention you health. A vacation is supposed to make you healthier and I for one don’t want to come home more sick than when I left!

I have an autoimmune disease and its made my body more sensitive to chemicals and molds. My eyes where opened to how much need there is and with the experience and knowledge that my husband and I have, we knew we could do something about it.

We’re starting to build in Orlando, FL, close to Disney World and other amusement parks. It also has a lot of direct flights from Europe! After that we’ll be listen to where you want and need to travel. We’re already looking at other properties in other areas of Florida, California, Utah, and Colorado.

Healthy Vacation Club is an alternative to other vacation properties and the bleach, toxic cleaners, chlorinated and fluoridated water, mold, EMFs, VOCs, and other toxins that often come with them. Here’s a few points on what you can look forward to:

• Non-toxic fitness center
• Infrared saunas
• Chloramine-free pool
• Non-toxic beds with organic sheets
• Carpet-free floors
• Kitchen with wooden cutting boards and stainless-steel pots and pans
• Filtered air and water
• Lower EMF’s
• Zero VOC wall paint

You can find more information about Healthy Vacation Club at

Emelie Kamp is an entrepreneur, licensed nutritional counselor, wellness coach, green living coach, author of The Sugar Story, creator of the Dark Chocolate Diet and health industry consultant - working towards transforming the way we feel and the way we see ourselves. Be encouraged, be empowered, live your purpose.

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