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Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts

My favorite way of eating Brussels Sprouts is oven roasted!

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My favorite way of eating Brussels Sprouts is oven roasted! You can add onion, parsnips, bell pepper, carrots, or other vegetables as well. Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts are super delicious and easy to make! 🙂

This video is a part of my series #RealFoodBasics where I focus on a new vegetable or fruit each week of 2017, and give you inspiration for how you can use it in cooking. My hope is that this series will empower you to cook more without the need of a recipe.

Emelie Kamp is an entrepreneur, wellness coach, green living coach, author of The Sugar Story, and health industry consultant - working towards transforming the way we feel and the way we see ourselves. Be encouraged, be empowered, live your purpose.

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Coconut Curry

Coconut Curry

Coconut curry can be made in a multitude of ways.

What you need:

  • shredded cabbage, chopped onion, cubed zucchini, and shredded carrots
  • OR frozen stir-fry vegetable mix (not AS good but faster)
  • protein (chicken, fish, shrimp, or lentils)
  • coconut milk
  • curry seasoning or curry paste (green or red, doesn’t matter)
  • salt

How to make it:

Fry the vegetables in coconut oil on the stove and add your choice of protein. Add a can of coconut milk and lots of curry seasoning. Add some salt to taste.

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